FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

You may have some questions before you apply for any positions at Coats Bangladesh Ltd. Following are
some of the most commonly asked questions with appropriate answers to help you getting as much information
as possible before you submit your CV to Coats Bangladesh Ltd.

Q. What is the Tracking Number and Password? When and how should I use them?

   Tracking Number is a unique number that is automatically generated by the e-Recruitment System at the
time of your CV submission. The password is provided by you at the time of filling the CV Form. Both the
Tracking Number and Password will be needed if you want to edit/update your CV Online. To update your
CV just click onto the Edit Resume link and enter the tracking number and password and then click
at "EDIT CV" Button.

Q. How can I be sure that my CV has been successfully submitted at the Coats Bangladesh
e-Recruitment System?

   If your CV has been submitted correctly, you will be given a confirmation message that will include a Tracking
Number. You will also be e-mailed a confirmation letter that will include the Tracking Number and
Password that you can use to edit your CV and apply for jobs later.

Q. Can I apply for more than one job at the same time?


Q. Do I have to submit a fresh CV for every job I apply?

  No. You need to submit your CV only once. Afterwards, keep updating your CV using your Tracking No. and Password.

Q. Do I need to contact/apply through e-mail after submitting my CV online?

  No, you do not need to send your CV by e-mail once you have filled up and submitted the online application form.

Q. How can I be sure that a position I applied for online is not already been filled?

  Every effort will be made to remove job postings as soon as a position is filled.

Q. I don't have an e-mail address right now. How can I be contacted if my qualifications match with your requirements?

   Getting an e-mail address is very easy these days. We suggest you create one e-mail address of your own. This increases your chance of getting notified of your application information on time. For each of the selection stages, you will get e-mails regarding the status. In case you miss a phone call from us, you definitely can get the right information from the mail. However, you can use your friend's/relative's e-mail account in case you don't have any. Make sure a valid contact number (phone number) is there.

Q. If I don't qualify in the selection test for one position, can I apply for another position? Will I be called for that?

   Yes you can.
   Every job is different from the other and the requirements also vary. Your qualification might be perfect for one job despite the same being unsuitable for another.

Q. Can I update my already posted CV or withdraw my application?

   Yes, you can update your CV by using the Tracking Number you are given at and the Password you provide at the time of your CV submission. But you cannot delete or withdraw your CV.

Q. What is the recruitment procedure like?

  Click on the Recruitment Process tab for detailed information.

Q. I applied many times to Coats Bangladesh, but never got any reply. Why is that?

  Every application sent to us is read carefully. Here a candidate can provide constructive suggestions for improvement and any problem related to their accounts. Replies are sent to those with problems that are not already mentioned in the FAQ in our career website. This account neither considers emails with CV attached, as only online application is accepted in Coats Bangladesh Ltd., for any type of employment.

Q. Does an attachment of my CV sent to Coats Bangladesh increase the chance of getting called?

  No. We don't consider Hardcopy CV or CVs as email attachment for selection procedure. Whenever a vacancy occurs, we look for relevant CVs in our online database. If there is an advertisement online, it is wise to apply against that with your tracking number. So keep your CV updated and apply for relevant vacancies to increase your chance to get called.

Q. Do I need to contact/apply through e-mail after submitting my resume online?

  No, We don't receive hardcopy CVs for any vacancy. If you want to apply for any job at Coats Bangladesh Ltd., it has to be online.

Q. I don't see the name of my Educational Institute in the list while submitting Education Information. How can I mention it?

  We could not include the names of ALL the Institutes/Universities due to lack of space. But we have kept a provision to mention Name of Universities that are not included in the list. Please mention the name of your Educational Institute in the "others" field.

Q. I heard that having relative or known person working for Coats Bangladesh Ltd. increases employment chance, is it true?

  No, that is not true.
  The position requirements are given in the job advertisement in the website. Any candidate has to apply online within the specified deadline for that particular job. Only the candidates who meet those mentioned criteria are short listed for selection test. Every employment is an outcome of a fair selection procedure.

Q. How will I know if my application has been seen by Coats Bangladesh?

  Unfortunately, only short listed candidates will be notified.